Luis Montealegre Software engineer


San Antonio TX

I'm a full-stack developer and a programming instructor. I like to be surrounded by people who push me to do the best work of my career as well as people I can nurture and support.

I have over 13 years of experience in tech both in Mexico and the United States and I’m looking forward to be part of a team that values work-life balance, TDD, pair programming and code reviews.

Work Experience

  • Codeup [01/16 – current]. Web developer and Instructor.

    I am currently working in SA. TX. as a web developer and instructor teaching Java (Spring Boot) to entry-level full-stack developers.

    As an instructor I introduce students to the practices and values to work effectively in teams, in order to present their first software product after 18 weeks of intensive training in Web development

    My main contributions so far include: 1) The introduction of pair programming to solve medium/large exercises. 2) A change in the way we teach Git and Github which is now something we deliver incrementally since day one. 3) Students now have the chance to learn how to use Github issues and Pull Requests during their first project in teams. 4) I also introduced a shorter feedback loop process during their final projects, which is a 2 week period, by implementing daily demos. I also review their code during that period. These changes have improved the experience and the results achieved by our students.

    During the last year I contributed to the PHP testing framework Codeception by adding support for PHPUnit 6 ( #4142 ). I released a Java client for the YELP API. I became the new maintainer of a PHP package to generate UML class diagrams. I also had the chance to attend the Explore DDD conference last year in Denver.

  • Inertia Interactive Media [05/15 – 12/15].. Web Developer. Maintainer of a Symfony2 application with an integration to the Salesforfoce SOAP API implemented via Web hooks and RabbitMQ queues.
  • Digizent International [04/13 – 12/13]. PHP developer of a Symfony1 application to manage email campaigns for fundraising.
  • Ellucian (Sungard Higher Education) [01/09 – 04/13]. .NET Developer of the Advancement Solutions team. I collaborated with the team with a product developed in C# and VB, which made heavy use of Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures.
  • BIC Consulting [12/10 – 06/11]. Java Consultant. During this period I worked maintaining the data access layer of a POS using Hibernate and PostgreSQL and coaching some Jr. consultants.
  • Comisión Federal de Electricidad [08/05-01/2006]. Java and PHP developer of the department: Desarrollo e Innovación de Sistemas. I developed a monitoring application for some customer service systems written in Java with a reporting website written in PHP.
  • Independent PHP consultant (part-time) [08/07 – 01/14]. I worked for several companies in Puebla. I developed several applications with ZF1, Slim and Silex mainly.
  • Independent PHP consultant (full-time) [01/14 – 05/15]. I worked for several agencies in Mexico City (Indava and Mupcow), and some others in Puebla (Sistemas Integrales de Cómputo Montellano (SICOM) and Sii Ayuda) maintaining Symfony2 applications mainly.


  • Master in Computer Science. Emeritus Autonomous University of Puebla. 2003-2005.
  • BS in Computer Science. Emeritus Autonomous University of Puebla. 1998-2003.


  • Latinux Certified Linux Operator
  • Oracle Certified Java Programmer
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Web Applications


  • English & Spanish

Technical Instruction experience

During the last 11 years I've been also working as a part-time lecturer in 10 universities in Puebla. I have given classes to more than 65 groups, bachelor and master degree. I have successfully directed 4 thesis. I also have published some papers, being the most relevant a chapter in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume Number 4386, pages 194–211 in 2007.