Blog with Spring boot
Web application with login, posts management, image uploads written in Spring Boot It implements method level security using a custom expression that allows modifications only on our own posts
Catalog using ZF1 & ZF2
Catalog of products written in ZF1. It integrates more modern components, like ZF2 service manager, phpspec and Twig.
Contacts book in Ruby
Command line application to manage a person's contacts. It demonstrates how to write integration tests using rspec and SQLite
Custom CMS using ZF1
This is a custom CMS written in ZF1 for a Real Estate Consulting Company. The application has integration tests written in PHPUnit
Container with PHP 7
This is a docker container to easily setup an application on PHP 7. As easy as copying your code to the sites folder
Chatbot in Ruby
Command line application with a very minimalistic Chatbot. It demonstrates strings manipulation in Ruby and how to use rspec to unit test.
Easy forms
Light library to decouple form responsibilities into 3 categories: validation, rendering and translation.
Fitbit OAuth with Laravel
Laravel application to demo how to authenticate using the Fitbit API
DBAL fixtures
This package allows you to define simple data fixture files using YAML and load them using Doctrine DBAL.
Slim 2 modules
This package introduces Service and Controller providers in order to group your Slim application in a module-like structure similar to Symfony bundles or Zend modules.
Movies with Hibernate
Command line application to search movies by category or title. The entities are mapped using XML. It includes several examples of queries with HQL. Tests demonstrate the use of JUnit + Hamcrest and Mockito.
Movies with Servlets
This is a web application to manage a catalog of movies. It's implemented using servlets, JSP/JSTL & JDBC. Integration tests use HSQLDB
Reddit using Laravel
This is a Laravel application implementing Reddit's basic functionality. Tests for this application are written in phpspec
Simple Simon game ES6
This is an implementation of the Simple Simon Game using TDD. It uses ES6 classes and modules. Tests are written in Jasmine
Composer workshop
This workshop incrementally builds a simple web framework, adding a PHP library with Composer on each phase.
Slim 2 workshop (spanish)

This is a Slim 2 workshop divided into two videos. It's a small application to upload, browse and play audio files.

Symfony 2 workshop
The goal of this workshop is to start using the Symfony2 components in a legacy application in order to start using the full-stack framework at the end.
TDD 101 (spanish)

This is a live coding demo, to start doing TDD using PHPUnit. It also explains the difference between code transformations and refactoring.

PHP testing tools
Code examples with several PHP testing tools: Behat, phpspec, PHPUnit, Mockery, Alice, Codeception, Eris, Humbug
PHP testing tools (spanish)
This is an introduction to testing in PHP using several libraries: Behat, phpspec, PHPUnit, Mockery, Alice, Codeception, Eris, and Humbug.
Yelp Fusion Java Client
Java client for Yelp Fusion API. It currently supports the search, reviews and business endpoints
Yelp API in Spring Boot
Web application written in Spring boot. Users can search by location and category using the Yelp Fusion API. It shows how to use the search, reviews and business endpoints.